At the moment we are manufacturing in wide variety different furniture according to the customers wishes - starting from kitchen cupboards and finishing with furniture of medical institutions.

We use mainly laminated chipboard as a corpus of furniture. At the same time it is also possible to use veneered MDF or plastic-covered chipboard. We use coloured MDF, plastic-covered chipboard, veneered board and also solid wood as a material of cupboard's doors. From wood materials we have used birch, oak, ash and beech. As a finishing material we use paints, varnishes, stain and oil.

If your wish is to innovate the appearance of your old furniture or furniture has some defects then there is no need to buy new one because we replace only necessary parts of your old furniture, for instance, worktops and cupboard's doors and your old kitchen set gives an impression like you have bought a new one.

If you are interested in our offered production then you are always welcome to discuss over collaboration opportunities.