Where to begin?

Contact us and ask for the information or step by our salon, which is located in Võru (Pikk 15B). We are always ready to find a solution for your problem. If you do not have a plan of the house/apartment, we recommend you to collect the measurements of the room where you need to place the furniture and draw a plan. We recommend to mark down the doors, windows, sewer, waterpipe, ventilation, plugs, etc. Mainly the objects which are difficult to replace and might prevent furniture installation. Whether you want to keep old appliances like refrigerator, stove, etc, please add them on a plan.


Next step is to make a project for the furniture. Projects are always compound together with the client- taking into account your wishes and needs and add our specialist`s ideas. Whether you know exactly how your kitchen should look like, we only need to add the measurements on a project. Ofcourse, you can discuss your project with our disainers. Compounding a project with us, will not cost you anything extra.
Punctual measurements are made before ordering the furniture.

Filling the order

Into the contract we add the precise description about the ordered furniture, the materials, technique we use and important details. Also we mark down the terms, set the cost and the deadline for the furniture.


50% of the bill needs to be paid when signing the contract. The other half is paid, when the furniture is complete. It is possible to pay by cash or make a bank transfer.

Transport and installation

We will contact you when the set of furniture is complete and set the date and time for a delivery. When installation service is wanted you need to make an extra appointment and pay for it separately (it is not included in the price of the furniture).


It might take up from one to five weeks to make a set of kitchen furniture. We discuss separately the delivery time for the bigger orders.